About Heiyang

Heiyang (given name Zhao Runfan) was born in Chongqing in 1966 (it was then part of Sichuan). In 1983 he set up the China Association for Anonymous Painting, determined to open a new path which would break the traditional and monolithic mode of Chinese painting which was at that time heavily influenced by the socialist realist tradition. In 1985 he was the moving force behind the holding of the first national exhibition of paintings by the members of the Association for Anonymous Painting. Even before the “new tide of art” reached its peak, he was one of the pioneers of Chinese modernism; Heiyang was then only 19 years old.

There is an element of truth found in his art. Although he stands outside the contemporary wave of modern Chinese art, his attitude is not one of consciously adopted ‘independence’ or ‘aloofness.’

Just as events in his life are vital influences on his work with oil and canvas, his reserved manner is merely the means by which he preserves the time and peace of mind required for the making of art.

Exhibitions and Events

1966Born in Chongqing. Given name Zhao Runfan
1982Establishes “Silent Jasmine Village” study group in Chongqing
1983Forms “China Association for Anonymous Painting” in Chongqing
1985Organizes an academic mutual study exhibition at the Sichuan Academy of Art
1985Organizes “China Association for Anonymous Painting” exhibition in Chongqing, with artists from across China
1985Exhibition and forum at Chongqing University
1989“China Modern Art Exhibition” at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing
1990Sets up the “Blue Belly Studio” in Chongqing
1991Organizes “Heiyang and Mushi Painting Exhibition” in Beijing Concert Hall Art Gallery
1991Takes part in “Beijing Xisanhuan Art Documents” exhibition
1991Held “Heiyang and Mushi Painting Exhibition” in Beijing Arts Museum
1991“Arts Documents” exhibition at the Sichuan Art Institution
1992“Arts Documents” exhibition at the Jiangsu Qunyi Gallery in Nanjing
1993Organizes “Non-academic Heiyang and Mushi Painting Exhibition” in China Daily Art Gallery, Beijing
1993Exhibition in Switzerland’s Wald Hotel Art Gallery
1994Organizes a joint exhibition in Beijing’s September Art Gallery
1997Exhibition at Portuguese Embassy, Beijing
1998“Chinese Best of Contemporary Arts” in London Proud Galleries
2000“Paris Art Fair”, France
2003Group exhibition of contemporary art in Beijing
2005Solo exhibition at Green Tea Gallery, Beijing
2007Joint exhibition “Breathe” at the Frontline Gallery, Beijing
2007“Beijing Art” Fair, Beijing
2008“Beijing Art” Fair, Beijing

Profiled and/or featured in these publications

China Contemporary Art History; Asian Art News (Hong Kong); Modern Art Manual; The 85 Movement – An Anthology of Historical Sources; The 85 Movement – The Chinese Enlightenment of Chinese Avant-Garde; Gallery (Issue 38, 1992); Gallery (1997); China Art Newspaper (Issue 12, 1986); China Art Newspaper (Issue 14, 1988); Beijing Weekend (July 30th, 1993); China Daily (June 20th, 1994); Iltalehti (Finland); China Cities Look (April 25th, 1991); Chongqing Daily (July 13th, 1996)

Works owned by collectors from

Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, U.S.A, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Hong Kong